What is a Cuban Link Chain

cuban link chain

The simplest way to introduce chain is “The series or links of loops made of metal wire” Sometimes, you can use balls or discs instead of loops to make the series of links. Although machine-made chain is in high demand, handmade chains are still available at a high price. However, an antique piece lover will still buy it for whatever it costs. It is also a gift for a partner at a special occasion or day.

Today, the Cuban link chain is a popular choice of jewelry. The Cuban link chain is similar to other men’s gold chains. It has an interlocking pattern which makes the chain thicker, and more attractive. You can make the link pattern longer or change it completely by using oval shapes. The history of gold jewelry or chain is long. So this can be given as a gift for any occasion, including marriage anniversary or birthday.

Diamond cut chains are available in sizes 10K-14K. They come in yellow, pink, and white gold. This is why many celebrities, including athletes, have their own collection. K is for Karatage, the percentage of gold.

The Cuban link chain is available in standard lengths.

16 Inches to 36 Inches, 38 Inches, or 40 Inches

You can buy for male and female depending on your budget. The trendiest and handcrafted Italian design is available and ready to be added to your shopping cart. These chains can be matched or unmatched, but the pendants are beautiful and enhance the look of the chain. Buyers can choose the item that suits their budget.

A custom low-budget miami cuban necklace made from handmade or Italians can be a great gift for anyone. It will make your man smile when you give it to him with a matching pendant.

Cuban link v/s. Franco link v/s Figaro link chain

Sometimes you may be confused with the different types of gold chains for men. It can be difficult to choose which one to purchase. Do not get overwhelmed by choices readily available. Instead, learn about the differences in each type and make a wise decision.

* Cuban link chain – Single links in a single pattern often use the diamond cut design. This bracelet is a great match for the bracelet and looks very masculine.

* Figaro: This pattern consists of three links of equal size, one larger link, and three more links of the exact same size.

* Franco: Looks like a pattern adapted from Snake. There is no space between the link patterns.

The Franco or Figaro recommends the Cuban link chain for women and the Franco for men.

Cuban Link Chain

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