Incredibly Cozy Cabins From All Over The World, Shared In This Online Group ( 15 Pics )

You’ve probably lived in big cities before and know how difficult it can be. You have one side easy access to your favorite restaurants and bars, but you also have to deal with traffic, noise and pollution. Sometimes it would be a best option to get away from everything, even for a few days. A cozy cottage nestled in the middle of a forest is a great place to do this.

People at Reddit’s cabin appreciation community are sharing pictures of the coziest cottages out there, and they could attract you to move out of the city completely. The gallery below attributes some of the most stunning cabins individuals have actually had the pleasure to go to.


Image source: Chickenfeet2000

#2 It Might Be Small, But It’s All Mine And I Built It

Image source: designgoddess

#3 A Witchy Treehouse In Pacific Northwest

Image source: karmagheden

#4 This Was My Dream Cottage and Was Finally Met

Image source: AwkwardMethod

#5 Cabin In Iceland

Image source: -sUBzERoo-

#6 Scandinavian Cabin

Image source: Succttucc

#7 “The A Frame” Lake Winnipesaukee, New Hampshire

Image source: grantmacd18

#8 In The Woods

Image source: liongene

#9 Winter Tree Cabin

Image source: Succttucc

#10 Some Cruck Frame Awesomeness For You

Image source: HiFiSi

#11 The Netherlands Always Amaze Me!

Image source: nico_shoot

#12 This Cabin In Washington State

#13 This Cozy Winter Cabin In Finland

Image source: karmagheden

#14 Restored Stone Cottage From Around 1800, Norway

Image source: hbbot

#15 This Cabin In The Faroe Islands



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