20 Amazing Embroidery Projects Completed That You Would Not Believe Your Eyes

Many people view embroidery as something only for grandmothers, who enjoy decorating old tablecloths with flowers. However, this could not be further from the reality, and also the skilled artists of Reddit’s r/Embroidery community will certainly show to you that it’s a lot more than that.

Nearly 440k people are part of this subreddit, which regularly shares their most amazing embroidery projects. It’s absolutely jaw-dropping. Below are some of the most impressive embroidery projects shared in this group. You can also read our previous articles here and there if you’re looking for more!

#1 Cockatiel

Image source: reddit.com


Image source: shelbyelizabethart


Image source: Florally


Image source: NeedlessDesigns


Image source: DallasNagataWhite


Image source: scramsamsax


Image source: Florally


Image source: bluehydrangea


Image source: linenandfred


Image source: crazycatlady1919

#11 This Tabby Cat Has So Many Layers Of Stitches That It’s Giving Me A Full Arm Workout

Image source: Florally


Image source: bluehydrangea


Image source: Comiltove


Image source: _bitterblooming


Image source: Lov3sther


Image source: hvalur87


Image source: dandyandersen


Image source: spookened


Image source: HugoMcChunky


Image source: Oh-Sew-Amelia


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