15 Funny Moments That Made People’s Weddings Much More Fun

Weddings are one of life’s most important days. It’s not surprising that people want everything to go smoothly. Unfortunately, even the best planning cannot prevent an unfortunate accident from happening. Sometimes it’s easier to just accept it and have some fun than get all stressed out about it.

People are sharing photos of the most embarrassing moments from weddings. I think it makes the day even more memorable.

#1 After being separated for 25+ years, my parents reconnected and moved to Texas. They bought a farm. They are getting married again today. This Is Their Wedding Portrait

Image source: zephyrnug

#2 We thought it was sad that most women only get to wear their wedding dress once. So we invited all the women attending our non-traditional wedding to wear their old wedding dresses again.

Image source: JGrce


Image source: Teale Photography


Image source: lexie_roessler

#5 A British Couple Jokingly Invited Queen Elizabeth To Their 2012 Wedding And She Actually Showed Up

#6 Bride Who Is A Computer Engineer Doesn’t Have Any Girlfriends, So She Invites Her Bros Instead

#7 Black Kitty Wedding Crasher, Decides To Lay Down On The Bride’s Dress During The Ceremony

Image source: Wagner Breciane

#8 My Friend Had A Medieval Themed Wedding And Her Grandpa Showed Up Like This

Image source: imgur.com


Image source: Chris Davis

#10 Unexpected Visitors

#11 This Wedding Cake

Image source: Grillos


Image source: lucid_scheme

#13 A Pig Ran Through Grandmas Wedding Photo – 1927

Image source: Stroy1

#14 A Friend Got Married And His Best Man Snuck Into The First Look

Image source: kabornman

#15 Bride Left At The Altar By Her Fiancé, Celebrates By Destroying The Wedding Dress


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